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Spongebob Super Brawl 3 Game

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Game description: Super Brawl 3 is an online crossover game hosted on Nick.com, in which both heroes and villains from various Nickelodeon cartoons can be played as brawlers. The objective of the game is to battle and defeat the enemies your chosen character has been pitted against. All the characters have the same standard moves, though they each have a unique combo that can be achieved by hitting a special sequence, which is different for each character.

Game controls: Up arrow — jump Right arrow — move right Left arrow — move left Down arrow — block X — punch Z — kick C — Special attack Special combo move — This move is different for all characters. For Korra, it is right arrow, left arrow, X, and produces an Avatar blast which causes her to bend all four elements at the same time. For Amon, it is down arrow, right arrow, Z, and produces a bloodbending stun, a strong, quick blow to the opponent.